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Citizen Solutions will Transform the Developing World

If more social enterprises are allowed to adopt citizen-led solution strategies, it will contribute to a paradigm shift, creating new blueprints for problem-solving across the developing world.

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Nigeria’s Urbanization Prospects

The explosive growth in Nigeria’s urban population will definitely have an impact on Nigeria’s citizens, natural environment, and economy. Let’s finally get to the point where Nigerian cities offer the best quality of life for their residents.

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Notes from Sokoto

Part 1 – Middle of orientation camp in Wamakko The NYSC experience so far has helped me appreciate life and the opportunities Lagos has to offer. Downsizing has led to … Continue reading

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Remembering Mayor Menino

“What I tell people going into government is, you’re helping people, and that should be your first goal. You have to adjust to situations, so what you do still has meaning.”

– Mayor Thomas Michael Menino

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Community and Sustainability

Community is the essential concept underpinning sustainability. Whether an ecosystem or social system, the dynamics of interconnectedness and interdependence are what make growth and health possible.

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What is Coffeeshopification?

What does the future hold for offices and retail stores?

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Pine Street Inn

This visit and my conversations with members of the Pine Street team have made me a fan of the organization. They truly work to be a “community of respect and hope” for every one of their clients.

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